Must-See Viral Videos

November 2nd is fast approaching, and we’re gearing up for another round of endorsements at the Charleston Reader. [Sorry for being away the past couple of months.]

Until then, we have come across three videos that can be powerful tools to get your like-minded friends and family out to vote. In fact, these videos should come with a warning: Fence-sitters will get knocked over. There’s no way to watch them and not want to leap up immediately and take a stand…in the voting booth…right now.

After the videos, we’ll give you the links to them on YouTube in a manner that will make it easy to just copy and paste them into email and blast them to everyone you know.

Let’s save America. Start by watching this:

Feel mad, inspired, determined, empowered? Share the feeling. Send the below email to at least 10 of your friends, and ask them to send it to 10 more.

Dear Friend:

You’ve just got to see these three incredible, inspiring videos.

The Socialist, starring Barack Obama as the socialist:

The Last, Best Hope:

Four Weeks—Remember in November:

[All three can be seen in one place at

Join me at the polls on November 2nd. If you want to take back America, spread the message by sending this on to 10 friends.


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