Zais for Superintendent of Education

Elizabeth Moffly, candidate in the GOP primary run-off for State Superintendent of Education, has attended college, but in all of her 49 years, she apparently could never find the time to complete a degree. When we first heard this, we thought it might be a joke–with the punchline comparing her to the substandard graduation rate in SC schools–but no, it’s true and strange.

Without a degree, she wouldn’t be qualified to teach in SC schools, even as a substitute teacher. Yet she wants to be the State Superintendent of Education.

We could go on with our review of her positions and forget that her 2006 endorsement of Democrat Jim Rex helped narrowly elect him Superintendent and cripple our schools for four more needless years, but smart, enthusiastic lady she may be, we simply suggest she get the education before she gets the job.

Our endorsement of Mick Zais, however, is not solely due to a process of elimination. A review of just his campaign website finds an impressive resume (BA, MA & PhD degrees, 31 years in the US Army culminating as Brigadier General, in-classroom experience teaching at West Point, president of Newberry College), as well as positions we favor, such as expansion of school choice, performance pay for teachers, increased emphasis on classroom discipline and transparency in school expenditures.

Information in newspaper, radio and internet reports, such as the Post & Courier’s “10 Questions” and WLMA’s “Meet Me at the Diner” on-air candidate interviews, did little to conflict with the information Zais himself presented.

Therefore, the Charleston Reader endorses Mick Zais in the GOP primary run-off for State Superintendent of Education.

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One Response to Zais for Superintendent of Education

  1. Frank Stewart says:

    I have searched for Dr. Zais’ qualifications for state superintendent of education in South Carolina. I see that he has taught at the Naval Academy and presided over Newberry college. What are his credentials for teaching or adminstrating over a public school system? Any educator holding a doctorate must also become certified in order to teach in any public school. How about getting certification and some years of experience as a teacher or administrator in public schools, since he is determining how it is to be done? Teaching a variety of students in a public school is very different from teaching in a military college or presiding over a small college.

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