Repeat: Vote Haley & Connor

In our previous endorsements, we have supported Nikki Haley for governor and Bill Connor for lieutenant governor.

We stand behind those endorsements for many of the same reasons, but also because we believe the combination of the two of them will be stronger and more effective than either of them having to be the lone soldier fighting for our side.

For all the good our current governor Mark Sanford has tried to do, he’s not only had to face the legislature head on, but he has also had to deal with the palace intrigues of his backstabbing lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer [the losing 2010 gubernatorial candidate who has thrown his malodorous support behind Haley’s opponent, Gresham Barrett].

Should we finally have a united pair able to work in tandem to formulate and carry out battle plans against the fat and sassy legislative leadership, we just might hear some stuck pigs squealing like we haven’t heard since the day that Pork and Barrel appeared at the house chambers. (Video here.)

Our readers support the Haley-Connor team as well. Reader Jeff  supports Connor, saying, “Ken Ard being a Giuliani staffer was a real turn-off for me and Bill Connor is a Conservative superstar of the Jim Demint mold.” He also reminds us to recommend the Palmetto State Politics blog, which has done some excellent investigative blogging regarding Ken Ard. [Ed. note: We are unaware of similar blogging done on Connor. If anyone knows of any that should be presented here for contrast and reflection, please let us know.]

Therefore, the Charleston Reader endorses Haley and Connor again. We urge voters to support them both as the “reform” ticket. Electing them as a pair will immediately bring a long-missing calm and stability to the governor’s mansion before they lock arms and march on the statehouse.

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One Response to Repeat: Vote Haley & Connor

  1. JanSimpson says:

    Nice Endorsement! Ken Ard is such a nightmare from Rudy Giuliani ties, Cahaley ties, Raising Taxes (and yes Ken Ard putting it on the ballot and marketing scare tactics does count you raised taxes) and Claiming Economic Development Success by spending $100,000.00 on a Statute – sounds like more of the same. We need serious people who understand running and winning positions that govern not only individuals, groups and companies is a major undertaking but a service and sacrifice to be in that position and not use it for one’s own gain but the gain of the Country, preserving for the future. Ken Ard doesn’t believe the Lt Governor Position should exist as said by his own words

    Look at Bill Connor and Ken Ard discussing taxes:

    With the Entire Country watching every race in every state, South Carolina not only has a responsibility to vote properly, but ensure your Constitution is changed to meet the 21st Century and not the 1800s. It is shame that it has taken this long for South Carolina to become a true part of the United States of America and take part in making this Country strong again. Please come and be a part of the Restore the American Dream Project and let’s make our Country what it once was and even better.

    Vote in Bill Connor and Vote out the idiots – then let’s Restore the American Dream!

    Sincerest Regards,

    Jan Simpson

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