Updated: Tell Us Who to Vote For

The Charleston Reader is currently preparing its endorsements for the June 22 primary run-off. Before we make our final commitments, we offer our readers the opportunity to weigh in on our impending decision–to beg us not to go the way we did before, to submit information that must be taken into consideration. If you say something illuminating, we’ll link to it in the corresponding endorsement.

Below are the races for which we seek your input. Candidates are presented in alphabetical order, and any races that we previously made endorsements for are hyperlinked to their related editorials.

Republican Run-off

Governor:  Gresham Barrett v. Nikki Haley
Lt. Governor:  Ken Ard v. Bill Connor
Attorney General:  Leighton Lord v. Alan Wilson
State Superintendent of Education:  Elizabeth Moffly v. Mick Zais
U.S. House of Representatives District 1:  Tim Scott v. Paul Thurmond
Berkeley County Supervisor: Henry Brown v. Dan Davis
Berkeley County Coroner: Bill Salisbury v. Sharon Shuler

On the Democrat ticket, there’s the US Senate race…oh wait, that’s right. It’s already been decided.

If there are other local races within the boundaries of the 1st Congressional District that you’d like to make a pitch for, go ahead. Your comment may very well come up in a search and be seen by someone looking for guidance. We will also publish comments regarding other SC races for US Congress.

Here’s your chance to be heard. Click the “Comment” link below and have at it.

[Ed. Note: If all we get is complete silence, we’ll know that our recent experiments in 3G hypnotism have been successful and we have an army of docile Readerites ready to do our bidding as soon as we post instructions. So please do comment to enable us to know who out there is still resisting our powers.]

Update: When Larry Kobrovsky endorsed Paul Thurmond yesterday, he did us no favors because, like Thurmond’s other endorsers, he gave only platitudes about how great Thurmond will be. What we wanted to know from all of the endorsers is…

  • what is it about Thurmond that is better than Tim Scott?
  • what makes Scott a weaker choice?
  • what will you gain in return from your endorsement of Thurmond?

We would have also liked to have heard the same answers from Scott’s endorsers as well.

From viewing debate performances, we have been leaning toward Scott, plus it peaked our interest that Sen. Jim DeMint was uttering (non-endorsing) praise for him.

On the Thurmond side, it worried us when a news story recently came out that “GOP House Leadership” were backing Scott. We’re not too fond of most GOP leaders these days, so that was a mark against Scott. It was tolerable, however, to learn one of the two leaders backing Scott was Eric Cantor. He has bucked up his spine a bit lately, and we like his “You Cut” campaign.

But then we learn the other is the clueless Rep. Kevin McCarthy, deputy minority whip and disastrous head of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). McCarthy’s the one that threw money down the DeDe Scozzafava rathole. An endorsement from him is a reason to vote against someone.

Therefore, readers, please weigh in on why Scott lost the endorsements of his opponents. (Of course, Larry Kobrovsky, Ken Glasson, Stovall Witte and Clark Parker are invited to comment directly on their endorsements.)

You may post comments by clicking the comment link below if the comment box is not already open, or if you prefer not to be published, share your thoughts by emailing “hotline -at- charlestonreader.com”

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7 Responses to Updated: Tell Us Who to Vote For

  1. Dan Doyle says:


  2. Jeff says:

    Zais and

    Same as Dan

    • You know, you guys can also provide reasons *why* we should follow your recommendations.

      But thanks for your input, regardless of its brevity.

      • Jeff says:

        No worries.

        Haley, Connor and Scott are basically the same. They are strict conservatives and will do their best to reform Columbia. Ken Ard being a Giuliani staffer was a real turn-off for me and Bill Connor is a Conservative superstar of the Jim Demint mold.

        Alan Wilson over Leighton Lord – Lord too liberal and has donated to Sheheen campaign.

        Mick Zais is a no-brainer. The experience factor far outweighs anything else. Great job at Newberry.

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  4. Harrelson

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