Late Breaking: 1st District Congressional Toss-Up

The Low Country is cursed with a plethora of good candidates for the 1st District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives: (in alphabetical order) Carroll “Tumpy” Campbell, Ken Glasson, Katherine Jenerette, Larry Kobrovsky, Mark Lutz, Clark Parker, Tim Scott, Paul Thurmond, and Stovall Witte.

We say “cursed” because having nine enthusiastic, able candidates is an embarrassment of riches, and unfortunately, eight of them aren’t going to make the final cut. When that happens, we fear we’ll lose some them in our collective efforts to take back our government.

If only some of these fine men (and woman) would consider running for (or in the case of Tim Scott, staying in) the SC State House and Senate where we desperately need to kick the “leadership” out and install strong, principled conservatives in their place. South Carolina’s massively dysfunctional government is more interested in backbiting and backstabbing than in unifying around conservative, Constitutional principles and making our state an unparalleled example of limited government and traditional values.

Honestly, most of these candidates would be a vast improvement over our current representation in the US House.

There’s a few we were able to agree to exclude:

Jenerette’s website was a bit disappointing because up front she has an “En Espanol” tab to translate her site into Spanish. A bit odd, since you are supposed to be a citizen to vote, and to be a citizen you are supposed to know English. Plus on her Issues page, the first item up is “constituent services.” Did we stumble onto Henry Brown’s old Republican Workhorse website instead? Does she really just want to go to Washington to be a bureaucrat? Her answer to fixing government is to answer the phone and hand out crumbs of government largess to us? Ms. Jenerette, you can do so much better.

Tumpy Campbell has a good pedigree, but in looking over his campaign centerpiece, his jobs plan, it looks more like he’s the son of Henry Brown, listing one earmark project after another. (Four of his 10 points are solely based on seeking federal funding for local projects, while the other points embed projects amongst his policy positions.) Yet, Campbell says he will support DeMint’s call for a one-year moratorium on earmarks. Guess that will give him a year to write up his requests. It’s great to send buckets of money home–but when 435 congressmen are competing daily to grab more money for their districts, we are committing national suicide. Even small schoolchildren know that America is drowning in debt. We aren’t going to be able to pay off what we already owe. Please don’t add to the burdens.

Clark Parker’s earnest platform to send a CPA to Washington just doesn’t resonate with us. He’s got many good ideas. We wonder if he isn’t seeking the wrong job, though.

Out of the rest, our favorites are Tim Scott, Mark Lutz, and Larry Kobrovsky…and Ken Glasson…and maybe Stovall Witte.

  • In their closing arguments at the USS Yorktown debate, the firecrackers were Ken Glasson and Tim Scott.
  • When Kobrovsky introduced himself to us by slipping a copy of the Constitution in our mailbox, he had us at hello; yet, in debate settings, it’s easy to overlook his smart ideas because he’s still learning how to become a polished speaker.
  • Mark Lutz presents himself superbly on his website–and is not too shabby in person either.

Ultimately, we can’t agree on the best candidate. You’ll have to fend for yourselves on this one.

You can view the Yorktown debate on Comcast’s On Demand under the Get Local/C2/Savage Report section. Then there’s a string of video clips from three debates at the YouTube account of Carolina Patriots.

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2 Responses to Late Breaking: 1st District Congressional Toss-Up

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  2. Carpetus Maximus says:

    WoW! I live in Ca. , and I must tell you, having read a thought provoking, well thought out dissection of a group of candidates is truly refreshing! You people must have brains, and use them! We get fed spoon-fed a daily diet of ” kill-your-brain-hypocratic-mind-dumbing pap” instead of true journalism.Questions about spending? Hah! It’s government handouts and minority sign-ups! Thank you for helping a poor man believe in his country again!

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