Late Breaking: Salisbury for Berkeley Coroner

It came as quite a surprise to us to learn that none of the candidates for Berkeley County Coroner have any medical degrees–and don’t even need any college at all to qualify for the position. (Apparently the main qualification is that you are breathing.)

In fact, the legislature just fought with Governor Sanford over a bill that will require an increase in the experience requirements based on the coroner’s level of education. For instance, a high school grad will need six years in the field to qualify for coroner, while a four-year college degree holder will only need two years experience. (Sanford vetoed it because without any provision to require the same of current coroners, he viewed it as an incumbent protection bill.)

That said, we went looking for information on the three candidates’ experience level. Post & Courier had a basic roundup of them, and fortunately, unlike the Berkeley County Supervisor candidates, the Coroner candidates had the professionalism to put together actual campaign websites instead of relying solely on Facebook.

Johnny Hill did a superb PR job in getting all the little papers to print his press release about how confident he was in the closing days of the race.

Sharon Shuler seems very eager and earnest in her desire to put her funeral director experience to work as coroner.

But Bill Salisbury has by far the most experience (with 15 years already spent working as deputy coroner) and a long list of training classes and seminars he attended during that time.

Therefore, the Charleston Reader endorses Bill Salisbury for Berkeley County Coroner.

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